There are a lot of speculations in regards to the many health benefits of using bamboo charcoal products. Bamboo charcoal is an increasing trend in current product usage. From food to facial products, bamboo charcoal has risen to fame due to its qualities available. So what are the benefits that it presents?

As you know bamboo charcoal is a fusion of bamboo and charcoal. Both have their own advantages. When fused together they create an amazing combination of benefits towards the environment and consumers. Bamboo itself takes at least 5 years to harvest as compared to other types of woods. The increasing demand for wood has resulted in a decreased amount of wood supply as trees require at least about 50 years for it to be fully harvested. This, in fact, is an environmental concern as natural resources such as trees will deplete and needs time to grow.

Bamboo charcoal has been known to be less pollutant as compared to regular charcoal. It makes a good air filter as it absorbs unwanted toxins and odour and purifying the air.

Bamboo charcoal as your flooring

With all the added benefits of bamboo charcoal, this would make a good flooring for homes and commercial spaces. Bamcoflor was created to provide the best flooring solution for consumers.

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