bamboo charcoal + calcium

BamcoFlor™ is a never before seen patented technology that consists of 2 main composites — Bamboo Charcoal + Calcium. This uniquely green combination, coupled with the highly-anticipated innovation of the top diamond layer, are formulated to be extremely tough and durable. Together with its non-toxic; eco-friendly nature, BamcoFlor™ serves to keep your mind and well-being at ease and is your floor’s best allies against fire, water, impact and more.

BamcoFlor™’s easy-to-install click-system delightfully removes any vulnerability and unpredictability out of the tedious wet tiling and mundane dry flooring equation — Thus, making it a newfound joy in both personal and commercial build process.

No grouts, no scruffs and no more marks. With BamcoFlor™, you are (literally) standing on the best of both floors.

first ever


Diamond Layer
This hardy outermost layer protects the Design Layer and is able to withstand rigorous use.

More Details

  • Protects against excessive wear and tear
  • 100% fire and water proof
  • Slip and scratch resistant
  • Will not corrode
  • Is treated with a superior stain resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a commercially-rated 0.5mm thickness
Design Layer
The middle layer reflects specific designs, colours and customised patterns.

More Details

  • New hybrid that has the appearance and feel of wood but is not wood
  • High aesthetic appeal in mimicking the natural look of wood and stone
  • Can easily be customised
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • 100% fire and water proof
  • Anti-fade
  • Flawless and smooth finishing
Core Layer
The key component of BamcoFlor™ is fabricated from high density BAMBOO CHARCOAL and calcium.

More Details

  • Made from high density Bamboo Charcoal and Calcium
  • 100% fire and water proof
  • Temperature resistant, does not expand and contract
  • Anti-termite
  • Zero radiation and zero pollutants
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy click system for installation
  • Maintains uniform flatness
Compression Method
  • Layers are fused using the compression method
  • Non usage of glue and chemicals
  • Zero by-products and zero waste
  • Non-toxic
customisable Design layer

Colour selections and design layers are customisable.
Requirements and arrangements can be further discussed.

BamcoFlor™ 2018 New Collection

P7440 / Creamy Nut

P7719 / Husky

P7617 / Grey Sky

P7755 / Avalanche

P7737 / Hazy

P7429 / The Classic

P7423 / Taylor's Oak

P7516 / House Latte

P7540 / Peanut Butter

P7433 / Cinnamon

P7590 / Crispy Chestnut

P7520 / Fudge

P7458 / Misty Sigh

P7776 / Soil

P7491 / Oud

P7796 / Midnight Forest

P7789 / Coca

P7658 / Dark Chocolate

P7725 / Easter Island

P7721 / Pebble

P7748 / Cinder Block

P7763 / Brunette

P7790 / Amazon

P7582 / Multi Grain

BamcoFlor™ Colour Swatches

P7474 / Winter's Breath

P7644 / Light Cedar

P7511/ Hickory

P7547 / Ash Teak

P7606 / Tinted Walnut

P7459 / Cappuccino Oak

P7514 / Dark Cyprus

P7584 / Rosewood Oak

P7535 / Shipyard

living the right way


Our aim is to create your ideal space, one in which you can live, work and play in ease and comfort, knowing that our innovative and patented technology is durable, maintenance-free, emits zero toxins and is eco-friendly.

We understand that flooring is the most important foundation to any room. It has to adhere to high safety standards, withstand heavy-duty traffic, wear and tear, while not compromising on aesthetic value.

Bamco’s cutting edge technology and seamless installation process provides an indispensable solution to many conventional building problems, saving time and effort in creating elegant and long-lasting results.


Bamco is founded by experienced professionals in the construction industry, and our collective years in the business allow us to understand your needs precisely.

Designs come and go, but the foundation of building needs remain constant. That is why we have invested in research and development to create our own unique patented flooring to overcome the challenges that come with fitting these important elements into living and working spaces.

Partner With Us

Bamco would love to share the joy of “living the right way” with the rest of the world.
Do drop us a note if you are an overseas distributor keen on an exclusive partnership with us.

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